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Design Practices: AWS IoT Solutions

Illustration: © IoT For All The Internet of Things (IoT) presents an unparalleled opportunity for every industry to address their business challenges. With the proliferation of devices, one needs a solution to connect, collect, store and analyze the devices’ data. Amazon Web Services provides various services that help connected devices …

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Cybersecurity Considerations for IoT Product Design

Illustration: © IoT For All Mitigating cyber threats is critical to the launch of a successful product. Like technology itself, the Internet of Things (IoT) security is still in its infancy and is evolving rapidly. The legislation is also developing rapidly, with cybersecurity acts in EU and California creating further …

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AWS IoT solutions design practices

With the increase of IoT devices, one needs solution to connect, collect, store, and analyse the device data. Amazon Web Services provides various services that helps connected devices to easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices for various user scenarios. Migrating or designing Internet of Things (IoT) …

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