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Smart City Data: A Convoluted Web

Illustration: © IoT For All Continuing on from my previous post about the “blood” of our smart cities in “Data and Identity in the Smart City,” I want to look further into the way data is used in these smarter living spaces. IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems: The Beating Heart of …

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Data Drives Our Driverless Future

Illustration: © IoT For All The pace of technology adoption has never been faster, which is why we’re seeing reports about the new features of autonomous driving introduced by car manufacturers. The policy implications from a land use and development standpoint are significant. Before you scoff at the idea of …

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How to reduce traffic accidents with IoT data

How to reduce traffic accidents with IoT data – Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog Source: iStock/spukkato Timo Gessmann Timo Gessmann was the director of the Bosch IoT Lab until June 2019. Together with his team, he worked on IoT-enabled new business fields with a focus on mobility, energy and health as well …

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A guide to data monetization

A guide to data monetization – Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog Business models Internet of Things Today we are generating more and more data, exactly 2.5 quintillion bytes each day. But how to utilize the data? In this guide to data monetization you will get a good overview of the topic in …

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Toward a New Model of Data Ownership

Illustration: © IoT For All In the current business paradigm, structured by big tech firms over a decade ago and replicated since by a number of online platforms, individuals willingly provide their personal information in exchange for a service. Personal data is subsequently repackaged—anonymized or not—and sold to advertisers and …

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How Can Blockchain Help Secure IoT Data?

Everyone has heard all of the terms such as blockchain, security, secure IoT data, cryptocurrency, etc. But the popularity of these technologies has been on the rise and will continue to be an issue in the future. But, how can blockchain help secure IoT data? Blockchain was earlier associated only …

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