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LTE CAT M1: The Sweet Spot for IoT Connections

Illustration: © IoT For All The telecommunications industry now has a new, IoT-friendly standard: CAT-M1. CAT-M1, sometimes referred to as LTE-M1, LTE CAT M1 or CAT M, is a technology that enables connection directly to a 4G network without a gateway, connecting IoT devices to the internet via the cellular …

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Harnessing DIY IoT to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Illustration: © IoT For All Early last year, my family was thrust quite suddenly into the world of type 1 diabetes (T1D). We spent almost a week in the hospital stabilizing my daughter and learning a ton about managing the life-threatening disease that would be with her for the rest …

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Design Practices: AWS IoT Solutions

Illustration: © IoT For All The Internet of Things (IoT) presents an unparalleled opportunity for every industry to address their business challenges. With the proliferation of devices, one needs a solution to connect, collect, store and analyze the devices’ data. Amazon Web Services provides various services that help connected devices …

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3 Ways IoT Will Change Our Personal Finances

Robot with text blurb The widespread use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology application is changing different areas of our lives, and as our prior article “The Mindset and Insights that IoT Needs From the Financial Sector Industry” clearly exemplifies, the financial sector is also feeling the growth in …

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